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I rescue honey bees in Southwest Virginia that are in unwanted places and unlikely to survive unless an experienced beekeeper properly houses them and protects them from the host of threats they face.

I remove honeybees which have already made your building their home. I will also come for swarms (thousands of honeybees hanging from a tree - or mailbox or fence or even a bicycle seat) that are in your yard for a few hours while they decide what cavity to move into next. Their may be a hollow tree, but it may also be your house or outbuilding! I will relocate them to proper housing and do all I can so they survive without being a nuisance.

Swarming is how honeybees attempt to propagate themselves (increase the number of colonies in an area). But studies show only about one out of five colonies will survive in the wild without the help of a knowledgeable beekeeper.

The top three months for swarming in our area are April through June, although March through September is possible.

I encourage you to save my phone number in your contacts under Honeybees. Text me a photo or video of the situation if you see a colony that needs my help. NOTE! If it is a cluster of bees hanging from an object (what we call a swarm), CONTACT ME RIGHT AWAY! If the weather is nice, they won’t be there long!

PS; I cannot help with yellow jackets, wasps, or any other kinds of stinging insects besides honeybees
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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