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I am downsizing my apiary and have medium five-frame nucs and various size hives for sale at discounted prices. The nucs contain three to four frames of brood, one to two of honey/pollen and, of course, the queen and bees. These are stronger nucs than those typically available in the spring. I take these nucs from ten to fifteen frame hives so they will be heavy on brood, thus making your hive grow faster. You will need to feed them so that they will grow quickly to full-size hives. The queen will be a 2019 queen that is laying a good brood pattern. Queens will be marked green. I provide a Pro Nuc box for transport which is also temporary housing. You will need to transfer them to your own hive equipment. But, they can remain in the nuc box for a few days. The nucs or hives must be picked up in Blacksburg and they can usually be ready with a 24-hour notice. However, I can deliver larger quantities of nucs (15 or more) to most areas of Virginia. And, occasionally I make a trip to Lynchburg and can deliver smaller numbers of nucs to points along the route.

The Pro Nuc is a sturdy recyclable plastic tote with a lid that firmly latches and doesn't let bees escape. You can use it to house swarms or start your own nucs.

My bees are inspected by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The latest inspection was done on March 28, 2019.

In the past twelve years, I have used queens from some of the best lines in the country; New World Carniolan, Purvis Brothers, Dr. Joe Latshaw's Aurea and Hybrids, Honey Bee Genetics, Pol-line VSH, Minnesota Hygienic, Dr. Harbo, Ontario Buckfast Hygenic, Dr. Latshaw's Karnica, Caspian Apiaries and VP Queen Bees Spartan VSH lines. The queens in these nucs and hives are predominantly USDA’s Pol-line VSH, Harbo VSH and VP Queens’ Spartan VSH. Most are daughters of artificially-inseminated breeder queens. Google any of those lines to learn more.

Nucs are a better way to start new hives than package bees since a nuc hive is functioning with brood hatching, a laying queen, drawn comb, and honey/pollen stores. Nucs are increasing in size the day they are installed. In contrast, packages do not hatch new bees until about 24 days after they are installed, which means they are declining in size until that point. When fed properly, hives started from nucs as late as August 31 will grow to hives large enough to easily survive the Virginia winter. They will quickly expand in size early next spring and make surplus honey that spring. However, hives started with nucs or packages in the spring of 2019 are unlikely to make surplus Virginia honey in 2019. So, if you want to start hives that produce honey in 2019, now is the time to do it.

Medium-frame nucs can be used to start either medium or deep frame hives. If you want to install them in deep boxes, first put them in a medium box. Then when they need a new box, put a deep box on top and when it is occupied with brood/honey move the deep to the bottom.

I am also selling various size hives. If you feed these hives, they will be ready for an additional empty box of your own immediately, as the boxes you will receive will be full of frames and bees. They are strong. The price for nucs and hives are listed below.

Number of Frames*____Price_______Hive Description
5 ________________ $150.00_____Pro Nuc re-usable box, 2-10 $140.00 each, 11 or more $130.00 each
8 ________________ $225.00_____One eight-frame box, wood hive
10________________$250.00_____One ten-frame box, wood hive
16________________$325.00_____Two eight-frame boxes, wood hive
20________________$375.00_____Two ten-frame boxes, wood hive
*All frames are mediums.

The wood hives are painted and in good, sound condition. You may want to replace the tops since I use a migratory-type (or plywood) cover. All hives will be covered for transport with a full-screen cover to protect against overheating.

To reserve nuc(s) or hives, please send me your e-mail address by clicking on the Reply button above and I will send you instructions.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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