Refurbished stray cats - good as new! (Dublin)

Refurbished stray cats - good as new! 1 thumbnailRefurbished stray cats - good as new! 2 thumbnailRefurbished stray cats - good as new! 3 thumbnailRefurbished stray cats - good as new! 4 thumbnail
Three former stray cats are looking for a forever home. They’ve had some extra medical needs that were taken care of, and now they are ready to go. They’re already fixed and housetrained, and receive regular flea drops. They are current on all vaccinations.

They have a rehoming fee of $60 each. Email us to arrange to meet them!

Thimble - (3 yrs, brown tabby, male) His name is Thimble, but there are some who call him…. Tim. He was found outside as a small kitten, and received extensive treatment for an upper respiratory infection that left him with limited vision and some scar tissue in one eye. He’s three years old now and has been seen by a specialist, who determined his eye is completely healthy otherwise. He’d love to join your home and enjoy playtime with some furry friends, and is happy to gently play with just about anything offered. Thimble has learned to dress for the job he wants, and he’s all ready for a white collar office job or being the administrator of your home. He is sweet and affectionate, and just the best!

Beemo - (3 yrs, white and tabby, female) Sweet Beemo is our most precious. She was rescued from outside at three months old, with a deep bone infection and had already lost her eye. Many months of treatment later, and she was declared to be in perfect health! Beemo loves to play with soft, fuzzy balls and little mouse toys. She is the sweetest little lady.

Bruno - (3 yrs, brown tabby, male) Do you love cats but are afraid of being bitten? Then Bruno may be the boy for you! Bruno had all of his teeth extracted to treat an autoimmune condition. No further issues are expected. He eats dry food with no issue, plays with toys… you’d never know there was anything different about him. Bruno loves people. He enjoys getting So Tall for pets, and making dancing biscuits. He’s a super sweet, gentle friend.

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