Adult cats for adoption (Newbern)

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Farm cats born to feral moms, all fixed and up to date on their vaccinations, are looking for their forever homes.

We’ve fostered them while managing an overpopulation problem on our road, hoping to keep everyone out of the shelter system. They are all indoor-only, housetrained, and on preventative flea medicine.

All veterinary paperwork will transfer with their adoption. The rehoming fee is $60, and we require an in-person meet and greet to ensure the right fit for everyone. Each cat will go to their new home with a free carrier and a one month dose of flea treatment.

Let’s meet them!

Scout (5yrs, grey tabby/white, female, FeLV/FIV negative) Scout is super cute and has a tiny grey heart on her nose. She pretends to be a princess but is actually very goofy. Her favorite toys are cat laser pointers, noisy electronic toys, and soft toys.

Noodle - (4 yrs, grey tabby, female, FeLV/FIV negative) Noodle loves to be the center of attention and has fun chirps she makes when she’s trying to get pets. She likes high places and toys she can chase. She gets along with everyone and is a really sweet friend!

Jacques - (4 yrs, brown tabby and white, male) Jacques has sweet, soulful eyes and a personality to back them up! He is king of belly rubs and would be a lap cat if he wasn’t such a big boy.

Tiny Tot - (3 yrs, white and tabby, female, FeLV/FIV negative) Tiny Tot was so named as a wee kitten, and has grown to be a whole potato. If you have trouble making decisions, or planning out activities, she is happy to come and help! There isn’t a situation that Miss Tiny doesn’t have an opinion about, nor is there a time when she’ll avoid telling you about it. If you like mouthy, bossy, overweight cats, she’s the one for you! She gets along with other cats but would prefer to be the center of your universe.

Mr. Samuel Whiskers - (3 yrs, lynx point tabby, male, FeLV/FIV negative) Mr. Whiskers is a chill little dude. He’s happiest sleeping on sofas and looking out of windows. There’s not a whole lot more to him than that. Just a cowboy looking for his range.

Contact us by email to arrange a meet-and-greet!

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